Z882 - Perma-Trench HDPE Drain System

235mm clear opening pre-sloped HDPE trench drain channels with grates

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  • 2500mm Pre-engineered Modular Sections with 610mm and 1220mm Grates
  • 1.04% Built-In Slope – Greater flows, uniform slope.
  • Radiused Bottom – Less solids build-up.
  • Smooth High Density Polyethylene Structural Composite Interior – 0% water absorption.
  • Durable and Lightweight – Strong corrosion-resistant.
  • Variety of Grate Options – Class A to G, Independantly Certified to AS3996-2006.
  • Built-In Rebar Clips – Accommodates #3 or #4 rebar for fast, easy installation.

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Product FAQ

What is the maximum flow rate for the Z882 Trench Drain System?

  • ​The maximum flow rate of each numbered section of  open ended channel can be found on the spec sheet for the product, and can be viewed by clicking the link below:  http://content.zurn.com/web_documents/pdfs/specsheets/z882.pdf   The flow rate increases as the trench gets deeper.  However, if you were to put an end outlet or bottom outlet on this channel to direct the flow to a specific sized pipe, the flow rates will decrease and be dictated by the flow capacity of this pipe.  If you provide Zurn with the specific pipe size and depth of trench you are interested in, we can estimate the flow through that outlet.