Case Studies


Over the years, Zurn Australia has been involved in a number of commercial projects. We understand that every market has various needs and requirements. We design our plumbing solutions with you in mind, focusing on quality, reliable, quick installation and easy maintenance. Let us do our job, handling your plumbing solutions, so you can focus on your job. Contact your local Zurn Sales Representative today to learn more about the many markets utilising Zurn solutions. 


Byron Bay Hospital: New South Wales

The hospital required an upgrade and utilised our backflow prevention and thermostatic mixing valves from our water control systems range.

Zurn Flush Valve

Crown Casino: Melbourne, VIC

The Crown Casino installed backflow prevention from our water control systems range and flush valves from our flushing systems range.

Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery: Adelaide, SA

Zurn Australia supplied RPZ valves from the water control systems range to Jordan Plumbing for dental clinic consisting of20 individual consulting rooms.

Z886 Trench Drain

Feral Brewery: Perth, WA

The Feral brewery installed Model Z882 heavy duty (235mm clear opening) and Model Z886 (100mm clear opening) from the trench drainage systems range.

Hidden Valley Motorsports

Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex:
Northern Territory

The project required fittings for 4 x toilet blocks. Various products were installed including flush valves from our flushing system range;urinals, stainless steel pans and pre-plumbed troughs from our stainless steel range as well as timed flow taps from our tapware range.


Inpex (Manigurr-ma Village, Howard Springs): Northern Territory

This site accommodates workers who are building a new gas plant over the next decade and require products for tough conditions. Zurn Australia supplied a range of hard-wearing stainless steel products and backflow devices for this project in a timely manner whilst overcoming the challenging remote location.


Lanyon House: Canberra, ACT

This building is used for displaying art exhibitions and its surroundings required 150m of Z882 channel with heelproof grates. This was the first time the contractor installed products from our trench drainage systems range and was impressed with ease of use as well as installation and labour savings.

Zurn Flush Valve

MCG Stadium: Melbourne, VIC

The Melbourne Cricket Ground installed flush valves and sensa flush from our flushing systems range.


Northern Territory Secure Facilities:
Darwin Prison

Zurn Australia designed and built tailored plumbing parts and included water management systems that worked specifically for the space. The project utilised a wide range of products including water control systems, stainless steel, Warden and flushing systems.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Soldier Beach Nursing Home: Norah Head, NSW

The nursing home required an upgrade and utilised our thermostatic mixing valves and hinged stainless steel cabinets from our water control systems range.

South Beach Hotel Urinals

South Beach Hotel: Fremantle, WA

Zurn exposed flush valves from our flushing systems range were essential to make the perfect fit for these interesting and unique keg urinals.