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FAQ & Support

FAQ and Support

What hazard ratings are the Wilkins backflow devices?

Low – Dual Checks
Medium – Double Checks/ Testable Devices
High – Reduced Pressure Zone Devices​

What is the minimum pressure required to open a backflow device?

There is no minimum inlet pressure required to open a backflow device but when considering pressure loss experienced through the valve the inlet pressure should be approximately 400kPa or above.

What is the difference between low pressure and mains pressure?

Low pressure means a water supply from a tank/gravity fed supply where as mains pressure is from the mains water supply.

What is a "repair kit" for a flush valve?

A "repair kit" for a flush valve is the diaphragm assembly inside the flush valve.

What is the minimum pressure requirement for a low pressure flush valve?

The minimum pressure required for a low pressure flush valve is 40kPa (equivalent to 4m of head pressure)

What pipe sizes are required for mains and low pressure flush valves?

Mains pressure flush valves require a minimum water line 20mm for urinals but 32-50mm for pans; whereas a low pressure flush valve requires a minimum of 40mm water line.

What is the difference between a flushometer, aquaflush and a flush valve?

Nothing, they are all different terms to describe the same thing.

Can pressure reducing valves be installed in any direction?

Yes, pressure reducing valves can be fitted either horizontally or vertically.

How do you adjust timed flow taps (Z-86100/Z-80300)?

The timed flow pillar taps have a white adjustment nut underneath the handle.​

What type of spindles available for commercial kitchen tap ware?

The spindles are a quarter turn ceramic disc spindle and are available in both hot and cold, they also come as a handle assembly for pot fillers.

What length is the wand on the knee valve?

The wand of the knee valve is 350mm in length.​

What is the maximum/recommended pressure for all tap ware?

500kPa is the maximum pressure if fitted with a pressure reducing valve. Recommended pressure is 350kPa.